Monday, December 15, 2014

FoodTrek: Get Whisked Awhay to Whistler for a Wheekend!

Whistler for a weekend?! Don't forget Wil Wheaton and Wheat Thins! It's rare that I get to use the so-often underused letter "W," so pardon my enthusiasm. Last week, I tantalized with a recap of this year's Cornucopia food/wine festival in Whistler BC, but, as promised, I wanted to share some truly wonderful dining experiences that are available year-round, as well as the overall charm of this lovely resort town in the Great North. Whistler - ONWARDS!

An apple white chocolate mousse that tastes like clouds, from Alta Bistro - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, December 8, 2014

FoodTrek: To Put On Your (next) Holiday Wish List - Cornucopia

So, here's to all the OCD longterm planners and wishlist-makers out there, already looking for something to do for next fall - Cornucopia Twenty-Fifteen, LIVE THE DREAM! I wish I had my own Flux Capacitator-installed DeLorean, so that I could have experienced this year's Cornucopia 2014 in November, write the post, and then 2.21 gigawatts my booty back to September/October, to say: arrange some time off in November, buy your tickets to Cornucopia, and head on over to Whistler, BC to overwhelm your senses with All the Nomz. Sadly, I cannot bend the laws of space and time, so I tell you now to get preparing for next year's Cornucopia, and consider this your hit list for enjoying one hell of a culinary weekend.

Araxi Big Guns Wine Dinner - start the weekend off right with caviar and bubbly - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, December 1, 2014

Mixed Plate: Holi-DIY and Resource Guide

Well, it's official - it's December and you just can't escape the fact that THE HOLIDAYS ARE TOTALLY EFFING HERE (and they're calling from inside the house!). Nevermind the fact that Costco has been selling Christmas wrapping since August. I'm here to help you on this whirlwind of Holiday Madness by sharing my Jedi Master Wasabi DIY Gift-Making Tips, as well as a resource guide for where I purchase a lot of the base materials on the cheap. (Hint: the Interwebs.) So let's get crack-a-lackin' my little Elves and Elvises -- there's gifts to be made!

Gift wrapping - brought to you by Pinterest and being a scrap-hoarder - Photo by Wasabi Prime

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mixed Plate: Happy Thanksgiving - It's Totally Fine if You Just Order a Pizza

Everyone's posting all these lovely Thanksgiving-themed posts of glorious feasts, side dishes and pumpkin pies made from magical heritage pumpkin unicorns. Not me. I'm living in-the-now, feverishly prepping for Actual Thanksgiving, no pre-Thanksgiving post set to go live like other more prepared bloggers. I keep it real, yo. Which is to say, I ain't got time for that noise -- oh hey, is the kitchen on fire...? So here, enjoy some fine autumnal squash:

Drink enough wine and the script seems to say: Whore Fall - Photo by Wasabi Prime
Oh yes, and don't forget -- it's not Christmas yet, so keep rocking the decorative gourds (and squash). Happy Thanksgiving, y'alls -- GET STUFFED.